2010 Tucson Transgender Awareness Week Schedule of Events (Advertisement and Planning)

2010 Transgender Awareness Week Schedule Ad and Detailed.pdf

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2010 Tucson Transgender Awareness Week Schedule of Events (Advertisement and Planning)


Transgender Awareness Week, Southern Arizona Gender Alliance


There are two parts to this resource, but both are schedules of events for the 2010 Tucson Transgender Awareness Weeks. The first one was the polished, colored, designed advertisement and the second one was more like the final draft during the planning stage as suggested by some question marks in the descriptions and because it contains no graphics or design, just a listing of each event and description. Like the 2006 and 2007 Awareness Week advertisements, this one is built around a calendar with each day's events listed in chronological order underneath the date. This week only lasted six days. On top of the advertisement is the logo. On the bottom of the advertisement is the date, the organizations that SAGA partnered with to execute the events, and contact information for Jennifer Hoeffle to find more information regarding the events. The events include trainings, basic information, more specified information about medical and social transition, a couple movie showings highlighting transpeople of color, and International Transgender Day of Remembrance. There are a number of familiar faces from past Transgender Awareness Weeks, such as Jennifer Hoeffle, Namoli Brennet, Alison Davison, C. Michael Woodward, TC Tolbert, and Oscar Jimenez. There are significantly less events this year when compared to 2006 and 2007.

The second part of the resource is the detailed description of each event with no graphics or color. There are edit suggestions in italics which suggest this was not the final version of these event descriptions.


Southern Arizona Gender Alliance


November 15-20, 2010.


Wingspan, University of Arizona LGBTQ Affairs



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2010 Tucson Transgender Awareness Week.

Transgender Awareness Week Blurbs

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The advertisement was intended for Tucsonans to read. The blurbs was intended for leaders in SAGA, and possibly Wingspan and UofA LGBTQ Affairs, to review in preparation for the final version of the Advertisement.


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